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IO4 – Self-assessment and assessment tools for students, teachers and facilitators

IO4 – Self-assessment and assessment tools for students, teachers and facilitators

Distance education has grown exponentially over the last years and the current pandemic crisis additionally enhances its very important role for the European scientist in some specific situation that individuals may find themselves in. As a non-traditional mode, quality has always been and will continue to be a main concern around distance education.

How to know the quality of distance education is assured?
This is especially important in the case of organizations that were not born to offer purely distance education but so far they have been used to standard way of class-based teaching.

The shift requires paying attention to all stakeholders taking part in the education offer being supplied with the use of distance education mode: learners, so the users (they are in the centre of this process), trainers, organisations offering the education and the customers, as not alwys the users are the customers.

For example in case of younger students (users) it’s usually the parent (customer) who takes the decision on selecting a certain distance education provider. The same in case of business courses ordered by organisations interested to improve the language skills of their employees.
Although they do not participate directly in the educational process, they are very keen to receive the highest quality and be well informed about that, based on the evaluations and quality checks done by the organisation.

This output will deal with the issue of how to control the quality of the learning process on the side of teachers, students and customers as well as the smooth organisation of the online/distance course, also on the Edu provider’s side. Evaluating learning activities is crucial for both self-paced and facilitated online courses.



Evaluation allows its users to assess learners’ progress, the quality and effectiveness of the course and improve future learning activities and content.

The Assessment Set includes (download compressed ZIP file):

1. Five ready to use questionnaires (Q=questionnaire):
a. Q1 – Students’ Needs and Expectations (students)
b. Q2 – Semester evaluation (mid-term)
c. Q3 – Course/Semester evaluation (final)
d. Q4 – Language School Self-evaluation (institution)
e. Q5 – Self-evaluation Template (student)

2. Questions bank (excel file)
The question resource bank is meant to help teachers, trainers and facilitators to design the questionnaires which will fit their individual needs.

3. Coding matrix (excel file)
Since provided questionnaires are delivered by the consortium in pdf file, they are meant to be used printed. Once the language staff distributes the forms to respondents, it needs to collect them after filling, code them and count the answers to get the results.

4. Report Templates (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) (doc files). Report from each survey is crucial for the management of the school.

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