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IO3 – Step-by-Step Guide for Transferring Courses

IO3 – Step-by-Step Guide for Transferring Courses

The Step-by-step Guide is explaining in detail how to transfer particular types of courses and specify what has to be necessarily done on the level of teacher, students, and organisation / facilitator of the language courses. Each Step-by-Step scenario then covers a particular type of course, type of student’s group, course format etc. The scenarios are prepared both in the form of written text (manuals) and in the tutorial PPT video.

Step-by-step Guide itself offers the matrix, the specific combination of the best methods and the instructions for teachers / facilitators how to continuously prepare materials for the online course during the standard running of the course over a set period of time and in the normal setting. Step-by-step Guide explains in detail, how to transfer particular types of courses, e.g. what has to be necessarily done on the level of: teacher, students, organisation / facilitator for each type of course (see described above).

The base of the Step.by-step Guide is the summarization of the key features of the most common language courses, grouped in a modular way in order to be treated separately and in combination among them, together with the map of the most common and the specific needs of learners and trainers, obstacles, habits, and behaviour of the target groups in the perspective of changing the language courses into online courses.

A complex overview of the types of language courses contains a detailed characteristics of common language courses provided by language institutions


Based on the results of desk-based analysis and focus groups meeting held under IO1, the matrix has been filled with basic defined types of courses. This information is to be used further to define a particular route for transformation of the course to online/distance course.

Types of courses covered in the Step-by-step guide:

  • Individual language course
  • Group language course
  • Intensive (1 year lasting) language course
  • Corporate (specialised) language courses

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