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The Project

'F2F2D and back' PROJECT

Erasmus+ ProgrammeStrategic Partnerships for adult education
Project Number: 2020-1-DE02-KA204-007590
The project has a duration of 24 months
(started on 2020-12-01 and shall end on 2022-11-30)


The project F2F2D and back  reacts directly to the new security situation that emerged in Europe and other parts of the world due to a rapid spread of COVID-19 disease.
An unprecedented situation in which movement and contact with other people was been and are significantly restricted. Educational institutions has closed their doors to their students, whilst simultaneously having to quickly provide them with an online alternative to in-person teaching.

Online education is currently a very frequently occurring term. Although online teaching is now omnipresent, both students and teachers often don’t find it to be effective and satisfying. There are dozens of platforms and tools available in the online space, but it isn’t easy for lecturers to quickly and efficiently choose from their inexhaustible resources and adapt them to different courses.

The project ‘F2F2D (Face to Face to Distance) and back’ wants to facilitate the transition to online teaching for language courses in the future.



How to effectively transfer F2F language courses to online/distance form in a short time (F2F2D).


Speed and simplicity are the key factors when looking at changes in teaching. 'F2F2D and back' project wants to step in save a time and a job to all education institutions, where it will be impossible to continue the education processes in a traditional way.


The goal of the project is to develop a conceptual framework for transformation of various types of language courses into sufficient online/distance form. 'F2F2D and back' project wants to step in save a time and a job to all education institutions.


The main idea of the ``F2F2D and back`` project is to develop an effective method for online teaching


is a consortium of 6 partners from Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland and Bulgaria


• A roadmap of language courses and its transfer needs to online/distant form
• Teacher guide to available tools and methods of transfer
• Step-by-step guide for transferring courses
• Self-assessment and assessment distant tools for students, teachers and facilitators
• Course Guide for Teachers


students and teachers, facilitators of language courses, stakeholders, ONG, regional and state authorities and policy makers in the field of education