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Kick-off Meeting (Czech Republic, PELICAN) via ZOOM

Kick-off Meeting (Czech Republic, PELICAN) via ZOOM

At the beginning of 2020, the whole world found itself in an unprecedented situation in which movement and contact with other people were significantly restricted. Educational institutions had to close their doors to their students, whilst simultaneously having to quickly provide them with an online alternative to in-person teaching.

This was no different for language courses. The new project ‘F2F2D (Face to Face to Distance) and back’ wants to facilitate the transition to online teaching for language courses in the future.

The first kick-of meeting of the F2F2D project was planned to be held in Brno, Czech Republic (PELICAN), however, because of the unpleasant pandemic situation the meeting had to take place online via Zoom meeting. Partners of the project from Germany (ILI), Italy (PRISM, Innovamentis), Bulgaria (ECQ), Poland (FRAME) and Czech Republic (PELICAN) met before Christmas break 14th – 15th December 2020.

On the first day of the meeting, Julia Schieber, project manager at ILI, welcomed the partners to the Zoom video conference and presented the agenda. This was followed by the round of introductions, in which everyone introduced themselves, organisation and their expectations of the project. After, Julia presented the project & its content and talked about the motivation for the proposal and the objectives of the proposal. As the part of the project, six intellectual outputs will be produced. For the rest of the first day, each organisation (leaders) presented their Intellectual Outputs (1-4).

The next day of the meeting was devoted to the Project Management and Financial and administrative issues, Dissemination, and presentation of Intellectual Outputs 5 and 6.

Although online, the first meeting can be considered as very fruitful and successful. Partners got the chance to properly know each other, discuss crucial parts of the project and agree on the next steps and deadlines. Everything worked perfectly, thanks to the organization of the coordinator and the professionalism and punctuality of each partner.

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