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Fundacja Rozwoju Aktywnosci Miedzynarodowej i Edukacyjnej (FRAME)


The Foundation for the Development of International and Educational Activity – FRAME is an NGO aiming to develop and promote international cooperation of local communities supporting education, professional activity and the well-being of citizens.

With the aim to develop and promote international cooperation of local communities supporting education, professional activity and the well-being of citizens, the FRAME foundation undertakes the following activities:

  • Development of international cooperation with a broadly understood social character,
  • Supporting European integration and development of domestic and international cooperation,
  • Developing and strengthening attitudes focused on active cooperation in the development of civil society,
  • Scientific and educational as well as cultural activities,
  • Promoting activities supporting the development of a culture of democracy,
  • Supporting economic development, development of entrepreneurship and professional activity,
  • Integration and understanding of societies and cultures,
  • Vocational education and training, especially of the disadvantaged groups in the labor market,
  • Design and organization of support for elder people in accordance with the idea of ​​active aging,
  • Supporting the education and development process as part of lifelong learning,
  • Organization of the process of professional and social activation,
  • Participation in shaping modern didactic and methodological paths in education,
  • Designing tools, methods and techniques to improve the situation of people with disabilities,
  • Improvement of organization management processes,
  • Research and analysis.

Our beneficiaries represent diversified target groups with the main focus on people with migrational background, ageing population, teachers, trainers, vocational advisors, entrepreneurs, young people in need and other defavourised groups. Knowing the needs and expectations of our target groups, we design and implement activities aimed at social activation and broadly understood promotion of the civil society.

Members of the foundation have vast educational, consulting and training experience, many of which with international dimension.
FRAME co-operates with wide range of cultural organisations, associations and foundations as well as local and national authorities.


6 partners from Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland and Italy.

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