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IO2 – Teacher guide to available tools and methods of transfer

IO2 – Teacher guide to available tools and methods of transfer

IO2 output is a teacher guide to available tools and methods of transfer introduces the researches and collaboration of the consortia directed in identification and categorization of adequately fitting tools that will facilitate and can assist determination of the best possible combination of tools from a variety available for a particular course, enabling the teachers and facilitators to overcome the time burden and react quickly enough to not miss the students and time, effectively, so with the selected combination of online/distance tools, the class can keep up with the original schedule, selecting relevant tools and methods that fit both teacher and students of a particular course.

The aim of the Teacher Guide to Available Tools and Methods of Transfer is to equip foreign language teachers with a detailed set of approaches towards the use of alternative communication channels and repositories, thus preparing teachers how to quickly transfer their course to digital environment during an extraordinary situation, when the standard teaching/learning process is not available.

The Guide and its content can help the main target groups to choose more flexible and tailor made approaches and tools to meet the needs of the learners and the teachers despite the format of the training course. The new paradigm and the challenges that the nowadays education and training are meeting in the domain of the adult education is taken in consideration within the elaboration of the input.

The Guide is part of the project materials and outputs and is to serve specific target groups, thus it is an open educational resource and can be use freely by general public.


The main target groups of the GUIDE are foreign language teachers and learners. However with its set of approaches, communication channels, tools and repositories, digital environments, the IO2 is intended for trainers, tutors, program directors, educational program administrators, NGO employees and volunteers.



The Guide also includes recommendations regarding the following elements: Format, Technology and learning needs and some Good practices in the form of advices. The Guide also contains recommendations for best strategy and online tools for interaction.

The selection of the proper strategy for transferring entirely or partially a language course despite the above mentioned is also dependent on the pallet of tools that can be used in a specific course as well as the familiarity of the existing tools.

The main findings and outcomes regarding the existing tools which can be applicable in the language learning in a F2F, distant or blended environment were categorized for easy orientation and selection

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