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Palermo meeting 16-17 September 2021

Palermo meeting 16-17 September 2021

F2F2D, finally the partners met face-to-face in Palermo

The project “F2F2D and back – How to effectively transfer F2F language courses to online (distance form) in a short time” – F2F2D finally organised a face-to-face meeting.

The project partners met in Palermo from the 16th to the 17th of September 2021. The project has 6 partners from Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

In Palermo the consortium met to discuss the next steps on the project and finalise the first intellectual outputs, in particular IO1 and IO2. At PRISM headquarters, partners clarified the tasks and deadlines to close IO1 and presented the work for all five IOs. The consortium also discussed issues connected with dissemination, finance and administration.

The aim of the project is to develop a conceptual framework for transformation of various types of courses into sufficient online/distance form. The project is thus not simply a guide to use an online tool or to transfer a course with an online tool. Rather, it offers a matrix to find out the best possible combination of tools from a variety available for a particular course, enabling the teachers and facilitators to overcome the time burden and react:
• quickly enough to not miss the students and time
• effectively, so with the selected combination of online/distance tools, the class can keep up with the original schedule
• with selecting relevant tools and methods that fit both teacher and students of a particular course

F2F2D will develop the following intellectual outputs:

• Comprehensive study of types of courses and its transfer need
• Teacher guide to available tools and methods of transfer
• Step-by-step guide for transferring courses
• Self-assessment and assessment tools for students, teachers and facilitators
• Digital platform for distance/online education
• Course Guide for Facilitators and Trainers of Teachers

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