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European Center for Quality Ltd is a modern consulting company founded in 2001. The company is specialized in 4 main fields:

  • Management consulting in the field of EU-funded projects
  • Design and delivery of training programmes for business entities, low skilled people and people from vulnerable groups
  • Implementation of various initiatives linking the worlds of business and innovation with the education and training sectors
  • Development and implementation of international standards for quality management.

As an organization possessing varied expertise, strong creative potential and a large collaborative network spanning both the field of education and research and the business sector, ECQ undertakes different initiatives to encourage and facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange between education (both formal and non-formal) and the world of work. In the frame of these initiatives ECQ has acquired both expertise and a lasting interest in adult and youth work, particularly as it pertains to employability, support for active labour market policies and non-formal education aimed at young adults. Among its key areas of the current projects of the organisation are the design and delivery of training programmes for business entities and employees and the design and delivery of training programmes aimed at building the employability skills of NEETs in general.

The company works in close cooperation with a number of foreign partners, among which are educational institutions and universities, research institutes, qualification centers, NGOs, chambers of commerce, SMEs, municipalities, etc. Since its establishment, ECQ has built a strong track record in coordinating and implementing numerous projects and initiatives on a European and international level.

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